Mitsubishi Split Ductless Systems

(Single rooms, apartments, offices)


Known as the Mr. Slim system, split ductles units are the perfect solution for one room applications, apartments or offices. Each indoor unit is connected to a compact condenser outside, and controlled by a user friendly remote. All pipes are run through a 3" hole and can be hidden in a PVC conduit.

Inverter Technology

mitsubishi outdoor unit mitsubishi indoor unit
Outdoor Unit
Indoor unit
Mitsubishi Remote Mitsubishi wireless remote

Its all in the Inverter

Inverter technology allows the Mr. Slim unit to maintain a constant temperature while also saving energy by adjusting the speed of the compressor. Most conventional units have two settings: on and off. Mr. Slim units have multiple running speeds and do not use full electrical power unless it is needed. Some heat pump units are available that can provide 100% heating capacity at 5 degrees Farenheit.

inverter technology

Slim Duct

Without the slim duct system, wires will stretch across a large area of the wall, creating an obtrusive and messy exterior. By restricting the wires to one location under a sleek cover, this system makes an outdoor Mitsubishi unit subtle and aesthetically pleasing.

slimduct image slimduct image

With Slimduct     Without Slimduct

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